Monday, December 12, 2011

Rules for Dirty Santa

Unofficial Rules for Dirty Santa:
1. All gifts must be wrapped and placed in the center of the room.
2. Each person draws a number from 1 to the # of players. This is the order in which they choose gifts.
3. The first person must open a gift.
4. The second and all those following must either choose if they want to take a gift that has already been opened or open a new one.
5. If a person chooses to take a gift that is already opened, the person from whom the gift was taken now must choose to either take a gift or open a new one.
6. If a person's gift is taken from him/her, that person cannot take back the gift in the next turn. However, this gift can be taken back if a turn has passed between the taking of the gift and it is that person's turn again and it does not violate rule #7.
7. No gift can be taken more than twice.
8. After the person with the highest number has gone, the first player gets go choose whether or not he/she wants to keep his/her gift or swap his/her gift with any gift that has not been taken more than twice.
9. Once the first player goes after the player with the highest number has gone, the game is over.

Unwritten Rules for Dirty Santa:
1. You can re-gifted item, but it cannot be a gift you received from someone at the Dirty Santa party...or an in-law.
2. You must stay within the price limit that was agreed upon by the group. Thank you Michael Scott.
3. It is imperative that you know whether or not the party is a White Elephant Party, a Secret Santa Party, or a Dirty Santa Party. WEP- the gifts are gag gifts and are not intended for specific people. SSP- the gifts are intended for specific people. DSP- the gifts are not gag gifts and not intended for specific people.
4. You never want to be the person who brings the best gift. You would've been better off just keeping it and staying home.
5. You never want to be the person who brings the worst gift because next year you will be at home...all by yourself...with your crappy gift.
6. If you really like a gift, don't make a big deal out of it. That's the quickest way to lose it.
7. If you really hate a gift, don't act like you like it. Some nice person will let you keep it.
8. Homemade food is never an acceptable gift, unless your name is one of the following: Betty Crocker, Sister Schubert, Paula Dean, Rachel Ray, Mrs. Stouffer, or Martha Stewart.
9. Store-bought cookies are acceptable and are encouraged.
10. If you're the host, make sure there's enough food and drinks for your guests plus any unexpected visitors. Running out of either is a MAJOR party foul. Run out and you will be all alone next year like Crappy-gift-dude.

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